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Star mAyetrUelove
_+wat is trUe love nd h0w do u kn0w wen have found it?,f dErs s0 much love and faithfulnes reAl love doEsnt long 4 p0wer, its d0esnt wnt hUrt, doesnt wnt pUnish 4 mistakes, its self sAcrificng and reAd 2 4gve other agAin..

Group Founder: maye17
Description: _+trUe luv is when pArtnes c0mplte one an0ther,wen thy're 2gether its pEacefuly da whole other world w/ its sufering nd problem d0esnt exist and n0thng evn mater,.f u really love sUm1 u maye sAy ''i belong u'' but always be reAdy to let go f it makes the pers0n u love hAppy+_
Group Type: Public join
Members: 23
Category: Romance & Relationships > Relationships

Topics (7)

go _+admirAtio0n? (0) maye17
go _+crying (2) maye17
go _+who cn stop ur pAin? (5) maye17
go _+4gt abt me! (2) maye17
go _+it is reAl? (0) maye17
go _+it its trUe! (0) maye17
go _+trUe or false? (0) maye17

Photos (10)

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